We Provide Mentoring For Men, Women, Children, & the Community!!

CARES Mentoring: Child and Adolescent (Teen) individual and group mentoring program. We provide one on one volunteer mentors for our youth year round. We also enroll some of our at-risk youth in our group mentoring program. The group mentoring provides daily summer activities Monday thru Friday when school is out. It also provides after-school tutoring and assistance throughout the school year.

DVA Project (DVA to DVA): Domestic Violence Advocacy (DVA) Project has developed a fellowship for those experiencing or have a history of domestic violence. The fellowship is called DVA to DVA, Domestic Violence Awareness to Domestic Violence Advocacy. This group mentors and provides resources and assistance for individuals involved in domestic violent relationships. Together they heal hearts and inspire minds providing battered men, women, and children a place of security and hope. 

IRAISE IRAISE (i-rise) Integrating Rehabilitated Adults Into Society Efficiently. IRAISE is a recidivism reduction program for returning citizens and those with mental health and substance use disorders. This peer support program is designed to address the total wellness of the individual physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It includes housing, individual and group mentoring, self help group participation, life skills training, GED preparation, on the job training and MORE.....

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